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Glass Recycling Interest

Using recycled glass uses 40% less energy than making glass from scratch. In fact, each recycled bottle saves about enough energy to power a television for 1.5 hours.

Would you like to help save this kind of energy, while also making out solid waste facilities more efficient, and preserving natural resources for other uses?

Now you can!

We have found an outlet that will take and recycle glass waste in our community. They will pick-up up to 25 tons at a time for free - they don't buy it, nor do they charge us to take it. According to a Washington Post article, some people average 74 drinks per week. If every drink came packaged in a 12oz beer bottle, the average drinker would be generating 32 lbs of recyclable glass per week. The best part about the outlet we have found is that they will come whenever we have gathered 25 tons, they do not need a set schedule for pick-up.

Please help us determine how to utilize this resource to go about helping you save energy and resources by answering a few simple questions about your glass use.

It is OK to estimate if you do not know precise numbers. In appreciation for your involvement, please select your complimentary gift at the end of this short survey. Thank you.

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